The Reason for Selecting LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light, also known as LED spotlights, LED Projection Lamp, as per the microchip, LED Flood Light can be divided into two kinds, one type is that the light source is the integrated COB chip; another kind is composed of many single high power chips. The former has more stable performance, which can achieve high efficiency and can be used in a long distance lighting cast; the single large high-power has a larger product structure, it is suitable for the light cast of the small range.

LED Flood Light is also called the spotlight, which makes the surface illumination of the specified objects above the surrounding environment. Normally, it can aim at any direction, and has the structure not affected by the climate conditions. It is mainly used for large-scale operations in mining, building outline, stadium, overpass, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc. Therefore, almost all the outdoor large area lighting can use the LED Floodlight.


1. Chip Type

Imported High Quality Integrated Chip;

High brightness, 100-120lm/W;

Low energy consumption, low heat, long life for 50000 h;

High CRI, Uniform light color, No RF interference, No Radiation, Eye-care;

Two kinds color: single color and RGB;


2. Light Body

Die Casting Aerospace Aluminum Molding Shell;

High corrosion resistant, stress tolerance and resistance to cracking ability;

Dust-proof & Waterproof Grade IP65 and Fastness; Strong Heat Dissipation;


3. Face Mask:

4 mm tempered safety glass;

98% Light Transmittance, uniform lighting effect, high refraction, ultra-low reflective loss,

meet the demand of comprehensive lighting;

High-intensity explosion-proof glass, strong hardness, not easy to damage;


4. Driver Power:

Stable constant-current, intelligent circuit program;

Using irrigation methods sealing glue, excellent waterproof and moisture-proof,

high efficiency, high stability;

Support wide voltage operation, AC 85-265V, high precision of output constant-current;

Have the open circuit, short circuit, overload and over-voltage protection,

ensure the light be more safety and reliable;



Product’s Characteristics:

1. High Efficiency and Energy Saving

Using LED lighting source, according to the characteristics of the LED semiconductor

luminescence, the clever circuit design and the unique geometry appearance design make

the LED lamp save more than 80% power, reaching a standard of high efficiency

and energy saving;

2. Very long service life and up to 50000 hours.

3.  It can be good to use in various special environments, such as low temperature, high temperature

conditions. It has solved problem of low power and lack of brightness of the semiconductor

lighting in the field of lighting, and shows excellent brightness characteristics. Don’t need

ballast, without starting difficulty problem, and it has over current, over voltage, short circuit,

temperature and surge protection. its lighting optical performance is brighter and more

perfect than 75 w / 400 w / 1000 w metal halide lamp;

4.  Using strong quake resistance structure design in both inside and outside of light, weight

aluminum alloy materials and high-tech  spraying technology, the shell never rust and

never corrosion;

5.  Has the good electromagnetic compatibility, not cause electromagnetic interference to the

surrounding environment;

6.  The heat dissipation of the lamps is good on the whole, and can reduce the error probability;

7.  Different power according to the different environments including  10w/20w/30w/50w/

70w/100w/200w/300w/400w LED Flood Light, and the irradiation distance of the led flood

light is 5-30 meters, especially suitable for the landscape lighting of building outdoor wall,

outdoor square, and color wash for wall and exhibit.

8.  Many kind of LED Flood Light are available, such as commonly use LED Floodlight, RGB LED

Floodlight, Sensor LED Floodlight, Rechargeable LED Floodlight and Grow LED Floodlight, etc.,

including warm/pure white, red, blue, green single color and changing color. Through the

organic combination of rich and colorful light and water, the led flood light produces an effect

of moving, and brings you a dreamy artistic conception.



LED Floodlight is mainly used in the outdoor wall landscape lighting for the single building, historical buildings; the illumination for building inside light outside through, indoor local lighting, landscape lighting, billboard lighting; bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment atmosphere lighting; medical culture and other special facilities lighting.


Effect shows:

1. Building Outdoor Wall

Its installation is convenient. It can be installed in horizontal and vertical direction, which combines with surface of buildings better to create a good visual effect. The flood light brought new lighting vocabulary for lighting designers, expands the creative space, and has a good effect on modern and historical architecture lighting technique.


2. Landscape Lamp

Unlike conventional lamps, most of light source is glass bulb shell more, it can combine with urban street and furniture very well, and can be used for urban recreational space such as path, stair, deck, waterfront area and garden lighting. It also can be used for flowers or low shrubs as a grow light.


3. Directive Lighting

Some occasions need for space limit and guide, such as road pavement separate display, local lighting of stair, emergency exit instructions, the ground guiding light or seat side indicator lights of the cinema audience hall, as well as the guiding light of the floor in the shopping center, can use a suitable brightness led flood light or auto-luminescence buried lamp or some recessed in vertical wall lamps. In addition, compared with the neon lights, the led floodlight has lower voltage and no fragile glass, and will not increase the production expense on the bending, which is worth promoting to use in logo designs.


4. Interior Lighting

In terms of lighting quality, due to the LED Floodlight has no heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and do not do harm to exhibit or commodity. Compared with the traditional light source, the floodlight do not need additional filter device, the lighting system is simple, low cost, easy to install. And its precise lighting can be used as an alternative for the museum fiber optic lighting. Nowadays, most of the commercial lighting is RGB led floodlight, as to the indoor lighting, decorative white color LED lighting combine with the indoor decoration provide auxiliary lighting, it is special favor to the low space occasions, which make the space more spacious and brighter.


5. Entertainment Place and Stage Lighting

Due to the dynamic digital color, brightness control and dimmer of the led flood light, lively saturated color can create static and dynamic lighting effects. From the white light to any color in the full spectrum, the use of LED lighting opens up a new train of thought in this kind of space. Long life, high lumens maintain value (still maintain 90% of luminous flux after 10 000 hours), and compared to the metal halide lamp 50 ~ 250 hours of life, it greatly reduces the maintenance cost and the frequency to change the source of light. In addition, the led flood light overcomes the color deviation phenomenon of the metal halide lamp after using a period of time


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