You Get What You Pay

   The high quality high price, and get what you pay remark is a constant principle.

   In your ordinary purchasing, you may encounter such a problem: to buy a 3W led bulb with $1.20 free shipping or to buy  7W bulb lamp with $7.50 ??? Perhaps you think there is no comparable between these two, we just take an example and maybe you can consider the average value.

  Now we take these two type light to explain more details to you, and apparently, our company also have in production of the former one at present, and the latter is sold on the market.


    In terms of weight, the expensive one is heavier than the cheap one because of the different materials made to. The main material of the former is high quality pure aluminum and is thicker; the reason for why the latter is slighter is that it is made of aluminum alloy, what’s more the whole lamp body is thinner.

Let’s look at the internal components of these two kinds.


    7W LED Bulb Lamp: The light source is from Epistar/Bridgelux chip in high brightness and high luminous efficacy more than 120lm/w. The wiring is high temperature resistant soft silicone wire with smooth welding spot. Besides, there is a thick layer of thermal conductive adhesive under the baseplate. Combined with the thicker fins heat sink made of pure aluminum material, the bulb has extremely good heat dissipation to ensure a longer work life. Look at the PC cover, it is so smooth, good texture and not easy to crack, and a white cover provide soft and comfortable lighting with 88% light transmittance.



    As we all know, the light driver plays a crucial role in a lamp. The driver and lamp beads directly determine the lifespan of a bulb lamp. This 7W LED bulb lamp has a good driver configuration. It is composed of there is 3 pieces electrolytic capacitors, an inductance (transformer), 4pcs SMD diodes (it looks so larger in size) and a high power 13003 transistor and IC. Excellent power supply design and processing technology, it is isolation constant-current power supply with branded components. The electrolytic capacitors is from “BERYL” which enjoy a good reputation in the field of electronic components.



    3W LED Bulb Light: as you can see, the manufacturer cut corners or maybe they are too careless to lock the other two screws, let alone the thermal conductive adhesive, there is almost no heat-conducting glue under the baseplate when you lift up it.



   The driver: Overall look coarsely. The SMD capacitance is empty solder, and just one electrolytic capacitors (what’s more don’t know who’s the manufacturer), no chip. So the lifespan of the lamp is worried to everybody.

    After comparison, please do not go for the cheapest price blindly, cheap thing sometimes does not mean beautiful too.

    Hope these will work for you in your future purchasing. Thanks!

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