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November 21, 2013: Several companies offer LED strips and LED bulbs in the market. But, only a very few companies offer high quality LED's which will last for a long time. GEB is one such company offering very high quality LED lights for its customers. Whenever you decide to purchase LED bulbs or lamps for your house remember to consider a few main points. Check what level of waterproofing you require for the LED lights you choose. Decide on the colour, size and brightness clearly to avoid confusion later. Also make sure the company you are purchasing the LED lights is capable of providing you good service with all the necessary accessories. Choosing LED lights as the primary lighting source for your house is a clever choice. But don't choose them blindly based on the cost factor. Give importance to quality to avoid frequent repairs of the lights in your house.

GEB-Product-imagesGEB LED bulbs and lamp come with three different water proofing levels – IP30, IP65 and IP68. IP30 is best suitable for dry and hot environments. They can be used to light the cupboards, shelves etc. Humid areas like bathrooms can use LED lights with IP65 waterproofing. They have a special silicon cover over them to stay safe from short circuits caused due to over exposure to water. Completely waterproof LED’s used to illuminate swimming pools or other water bodies are also available. GEB LED bulbs are heat resistant. Hence, the can be fit inside hot saunas, shower panels and many other humid areas. The company offers complete guarantee for all their products. Their expert salesmen take care of installation and regular service for all their light fittings. The customers can simply choose to install the lighting in their home themselves or get assistance from the GEB technicians for a very low cost.

GEB LED bulbs can fitted in main areas like kitchen and living room come with adjustable brightness. One single strip will glow in several different colours. The customers can select the colour based on their mood. One single strip is capable of illuminating the room in five or more different colours. GEB LED bulbs are available easily in several major department stores and all major lighting outlets. Their products are well known to many electricians and decorators who often prefer to use the brand in their work as they are well aware of its quality.

GEB is expanding its network over several states. They are providing several discounts to various dealers and customers on a weekly basis. The details regarding their deal of the week can be checked in their official website. Their useful blog helps any customer select the best LED lighting for their home. Their customer service team ensures every complaint registered with them gets solved within the shortest time possible. Their sales team targets several new house owners, builders, construction companies and lighting companies and keep them well informed about their new products. Try GEB LED bulbs if you are in search of any lighting need for your house or work place.

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