Distinction of Down Light and Spotlight

    As the follow picture shows, do you know which lighting is from led spotlight, which is from led down light? And what difference between them?

A short article tells you how to distinguish the spotlight and down light.


    Unlike the ceiling lamp, floor lamp and chandelier, which are identified by their “ face”, down light and spotlight are reply on their strength- using the light and shadow to create high appreciation and excellent decorative effect.

1. Difference in Lighting:


    (A) Compared with the common exposed light, the down light is more concentrated, the light is more uniform and there is no dark space.

Based on these characteristics, down light is more suitable for basic lighting or auxiliary lighting, commonly used in corridor, washroom and kitchen etc.


                             (Down Light Used In Corridor)

    (B) Spotlight is highly concentrated compared with down light with small beam angle, the lighting has strong expressive force. It can be flexibly adjusted so that can be used to light a special goal.

The spotlight is mainly used for special lighting, such as to emphasize a very beautiful and interesting place. It is often used to light a decorative picture, chest, cabinet, cupboard and bookcase etc.


                                (spotlight used to light the TV bench)

2. Difference in Installation Location

    (A) The direction of light source for ceiling down light is un-adjustable, it can light the application but be fixed in one direction. Most of down light are recessed, which shows its existence only by the lighting.


          (the down light used in dining foyer)

    (B) But the direction of light source for ceiling spotlight is adjustable flexibly according practical requirement to highlight some special places. The spotlight generally can be divided into orbit type, hanging and embedded, etc.


                        (the spotlight used in home accent lighting)

    Even though there is a big difference between spotlight and down light, they all have their own function in home’s lighting decoration.

The down light provides comfortable and soft basic lighting for homes, but can’t express owner’s personality and style.

     The spotlight highlight the object that the owner want to be, such as the TV-wall, wall picture and accessories etc., it can make a clean and clear light spot to reinforce lighting effect.

   Only the spotlight combine skillfully with the down light, can they create a lighting effect of brightness and personality.


    After comparison, we trust you can distinguish down light from spotlight, then when to start to prepare the down light or spotlight during your house decoration?

    Most of people think that lighting purchase is the last step for home decoration, and begin to choose and purchase lamps after the building basic decoration. However, if you want to create more beautiful lighting atmosphere with down light and spotlight, we suggest that you should prepare the lights when install the ceiling.

PS: Here we supply the decoration progress draft for you reference:


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