GEB® “Brilliant” led globe bulb light G50/A17 3w
Products Description
GEB® “Brilliant” led globe bulb light 3w features:

  • Optimized design led lights high efficiently multihole fins heat dissipation pattern and each piece of heat dissipation fins includes at least one group of porous structure. The heat dissipation porous structure forms open pore with adjacent fins, and each fin one-sided forms annular flow direction. The hot air flow, which is formed by the open pore, can be quickly navigated out of the heat radiator to form efficient heat dissipation effect. The number of fins is 42 and the area of bulb heat dissipation is 160(CM)². Comparing with normal die casting & lathe aluminum radiator, it can improve the heat dissipation effect by 20~30%; the temperature on radiator can decrease 8 degree centigrade or more (depend on testing environment) and the core temperature can decrease 30 degree centigrade. It can protect and improve the service life of led lamp bead and driving power. Through our laboratory test, the surface temperature is ≤52℃(environment temperature Ta = 25℃).
  • GEB LED Lamp use PC surface cover with high light-admitting quality by which light transmittance can reach 95% with clear and soft light, high fire resistance, bright and uniformity and no dark space and dazzle light. It really can protect eyes can let room fill with comfortable light.
  • We design great power circuit solution for LED 1-3w bulb with built-in power driving, high precision of constant current and compact structure design based on IC plan. All accessories are supplied by electronic components manufacturers with first-line brands in mainland and brands in Taiwan. Use self-created double craft to ensure efficient and stable work of power. Wide voltage input design has t functions of overcurrent, over-temperature and short-circuit protection.
  • Use safe insulation plan. Adopted environmental protection flame retardant insulation materials are all approved by RoHs and UL without harmful chemical substances which can meet our highly quality requirements of component materials and insulation safety standard: UL224 VW-1 C-UL CSA C 22.2 OFT. Never let the leakage occur.
  • Adopt Taiwan original chip with high reliability as lamp bead. Its luminous efficacy can reach 110 Lm/w; various colors and temperature can be chose; color rendering index is high with excellent color rendering;
  • Save energy significantly. LED power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent bulbs and 1/3 of CFL lamps. Its service life is more than 50,000 hours which is more than 50 times long of traditional tungsten filament lamp.
  • Voltage range is wide, global applicability. Full voltage range is constant current with 100V~ 240VAC which can make sure that the brightness is not affected by voltage.

* Aging testing: our products are kept stamping continuously by 12 hours with stroboscopic aging test. Only those lamps which pass the test can be classified as qualified led lamps.


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GEB Brilliant led globe bulb light 3w GEB Brilliant led globe bulb light 3w GEB Brilliant led globe bulb light 3w
Special Detail
Product Name: GEB® “Brilliant” led globe bulb light 3w
Product No. BBS-B3075E273W
Walt: 3W
Holder: E27
Voltage: AC85-265V/ 50~60Hz
Lumen: 270/300/330lm
Color Temp: 3000K-6500K
Color Ra: Ra≥75
LED Chip: Taiwan Chip
Material: ABS, Aluminum
Centification: CE/Rohs
Warranty: 5 yrs
Size: Φ48.8×98.5mm
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