[Brightness T8 Tube BT8A-R]

GEB® Brightness T8 Tube G11 150lm/watt Class A+++




  1. Special LED, high brightness and high luminous efficacy 150lm/watt; good color consistency, Euro Engery Class A++
  2. High quality aviation aluminum-alloy, one-time molding technology, overall thermal design, good heat dissipation,Increase 20% of heat sink effecency
  3. High quality PC cover, soft light, super-wide illuminated area, no dark
  4. Unique PC housing for Aluminum substrate,Passed EMC safty testing, a n d 4U+2kv High Voltage testing ( TUV Lab testing)
  5. NO Glare,NO Dark,Beam Angle ≥200°
  6. Branded components, outstanding design and processing technology, ensure stable long-time work
  7. 50000hours usefull life


Component Partner:
nichia led aishi component

150lm/watt T8 tube

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