[Polelight SPC-1705]

GEB® BRILLIENT Project Light Outdoor Pole Light IP65


Pole Lights 1000W

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Cree/Osram/Lumileds light source >150lm/w
HDT Heat Dissipation Technology, Explosion-proof design, vacuum spray paint, extremely good cooling effect, ensure a long-term worklife
Light Spot 180° Adjustable with stable hook
Multi-angle lens hood, 30°/60°/90°/120° are available, suitable for lighting 50-500 meters high
IP67 Moso & Sosen waterproof, isolation constant-current power supply,excellent power supply design and processing technology,using the first-line brand components, guarantee LED lights work stably for a long time
60~1000W Optional, special for high tower, sea port, stadium



High Tower, Football Yard, AirPorts, Cross Road, Sport Game Field


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Item Type Power(W) Flux Color Temperature IP Demension(mm) Beam Angle
BFC-1705-60 60 7200lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 140*140*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
BFC-1705-120 120 14400lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 140*320*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
BFC-1705-180 180 21600lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 140*458*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
BFC-1705-240 240 28800lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 140*606*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
BFC-1705-240S 240 28800lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 288*320*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
BFC-1705-360 360 43200lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 288*458*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
BFC-1705-500 500 60000lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 288*606*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
BFC-1705-750 750 90000lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 436*606*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
BFC-1705-1000 1000 120000lm(max) 3200/4500/6500k 65 585*606*129mm 30°/60°/90°/120°
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