A Simple Guide to GEB LED Flexible Strips

A Simple Guide to GEB LED Flexible Strips


If you have never installed LED flexible strips under your cabinets, it will be difficult to understand how hard it is. LED lighting is relatively new on residential use, which makes installing LED lights harder than installing halogens under the cabinets. Questions occur to customers often, such as “Why flexible strips?” “What size do I order?” “How many strips do I order?” In this handy guide, we’ll show you the basics and answer questions like these.


Let’s start from the first question: Why flexible strips? There are various types of GEB LED light available. Designer Series panels are great for you to hide your LEDs. There are two sizes for choice: custom size and standard lengths. Both are offered in kits. Pro Series LED panels are designed for small lips or light rails. There are two standard sizes for customers and offered in kits. The flexible strips come in custom sizes and our Cut & Connect Series Kits. Both allow you cutting however long you want. Three brightness choices come in different colors.

guide to mount led strip

Among the different types of LED light, flexible strips has the easiest installation. Compared to Pro Series panels, flexible strips are a little thinner. Customers will use less interconnect cables than with panels and can choose which the brightness they need. More important, flexible strips are a cheaper choice than other options.


As to the question “What size do I order?” The correct way is to measure the length of the cabinet and subtract 3 inches. This will leave enough room on each end of the flexible strip to plug in the power supply.


Most customers will order one strip per section of the cabinet. If you have a long framed cabinet that doesn’t allow you to run a continuous strip, you should order one strip for each section in between frames and then connect them with interconnect cables. Or you can cut a 0.5’’ slot in the frame so that it can go through the hole.


GEB LED has good quality flexible strips for every customer’s need. If you are looking for a proper LED strips, we recommend our products to you. To know more knowledge about our products, please visit our official website.

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