[LED Track Light btls-c30W]

GEB® “Brilliant” LED Track Light FIN-style COB Lamp 30W with CE/Rohs(btls-c30W)



1.Directly replace general halogen light
2.long life:50000hrs,25 times than the normal energy saving lamps
3.High efficiency: low power loss
4.Sufficient illumination:LED is available immediately and it can be reach at the expect lumens,without swift loss.
5.Low lumen attenuation: High quality constant current driver and good heat dissipation techniques
6.Nano-coating on heat sink: to ensure the best heat dissipation, we have cooperation with a Japanese company which is specialized in Nano coating materials. On surface of heat sink ,we paint with nano coating ,then the out put will be 6-7°C lower.
7.Cooling fin structure: Innovative fin-style design, adopt high-thermal conductive material AL1060,patented technologies including zipped-fin, compressed-fin efficiently enlarge cooling area for super heat dissipation, the coefficient of heat transfer is up to 90%.
8.High-efficient double ball-bearing fan: High efficient two ball bearing fan, expand its life span up to 6000 hours, Noise is less than 26 dB, fault warning with automatic alarm system and intelligent power off.
9.Shark gill bionic design: Innovative air-duct channel, shark gills shaped optimize airflow efficiency,The “shark gills” zero resistance airduct design optimize heat conduction, also free off clog by clothing, fabric.

Product Name: GEB® “Brilliant” LED Track Light FIN-style COB Lamp 30W with CE/Rohs(btls-c30W)
Product No. btls-c30w
Walt: 30W
Voltage: AC100-240V/ 50~60Hz
Lumen: 80/100/120lm/w
Color Temp: 3000K-6500K
Color Ra: Ra≥80
Dimmable No
LED Chip: Taiwan Chip
Bean Angle: 25°
Centification: CE/Rohs
Warranty: 3 yrs
Size: N/A
Factory Address : 201~203# Changjiang Plaza,270 Changhao Road,Huli Xiamen China
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