Choose high quality LED light source based on nine preformance features of LED

Confronted with this boisterous market,consumers need to stay cool-minded and analyze scientifically in order to choose the best cost-effective light source and lamps. An introduction of basic performances of LED is as follows:

1. luminance: different LED has different luminance and price. The LED used for led lamps shall comply with laser levelⅠstandard.

2. anti-static electricity capacity: the stronger anti-static electricity capacity the LED has, the longer its lifespan and the higher its price. Generally, only LED with anti-static electricity capacity over 700V can be used for decorative lighting.

3. wave length:LED with the same wave length has the same color and thus high price. Manufacturer without LED lighting and color separation insturment can hardy produce pure color products.

 4. leakage current: LED is illuminant with unilateral conduction. The existance of countercurrent is called leakage. The bigger the leakage current, the shorter its lifespan and the lower to choose high quality LED light source

 5. lighting angle: different LEDs with different functions have different lighting angles. LED with special lighting angle tend to cost more. LED with overall diffuse angle is more expensive.

6. lifespan: the key of LED lies in the lifespan which is decided by light decay. The smaller the light decay,the longer the lifespan, the higher price.

7. chip: chip is shiner of LED. Chips vary in their prices. Those produces by Japan and United States factories usually cost more than those by Taiwan and mainland China.

8. chip size: chip size is showcased by length of sides. LED with big chip is better than that with small chip. Price is proportionate with chip size.

9. colloid: the colloid of ordinary LED is made up of epoxy resin. Added by uvioresistant and fire retardant, the LED usually cost more. High quality outdors LED decorative lighting shall be uvioresistant and fire retardant. Every product has its own designs which apply for different usage.

Realiblity design of LED decorative lighting shall include: electric safety, fire safety, applicable environmental safety, safety of machinery, health and safety, safe use of time and the like. In terms of electric safety, its design shall comply with national and international standards.TUV-CE centification logo

This article instructs you how to choose fine LED light source from nine aspects. I hope you benefit from this article.



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